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The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has concluded arrangements with the Convention for Business Integrity (CBI) to launch the foremost Corporate Governance Rating System (CGRS) in Nigeria. The NSE, in a statement said the CGRS launch, will be attended by corporate sector participants joined by government and civil society delegates from across Nigeria and globally.

Thirty experts in interactive information retrieval, from seven countries, gathered on the UNC at Chapel Hill campus for a special workshop to discuss the research and challenges taking place with task-based search engines.

On March 14 and 15, 2013, the UNC's School of Information and Library Science was host to these international professionals in information search systems at the workshop event titled, "NSF Task-Based Information Search Systems Workshop." "Search engines are optimized for particular types of tasks (e.g., look-up tasks and commerce tasks such as travel and shopping), for particular types of search behaviors (i.e., enter a query, review snippets, make a transaction) and for particular types of searchers (i.e., those who want to quickly find a single piece of information), according to the workshop Web site.

Don’t sully your personal or company reputation by being a bad client.

As Seth Godin wrote on his blog on 2 December, a client’s job is to foster innovation but not actually be innovative. Here’s my take on how to be a good client from fifteen years experience of working with good, bad and indifferent ones: 1. Agency partners will go the extra mile for clients that are fair and know what they want. If you can’t settle on one, select two but do the decent thing and give them both a paying gig so they have something to invest in. Agencies rightly despise pitches as a necessary evil giving time/resource and creative ideas away for free with no guarantee and no protection of their intellectual property. Be prepared to pay the going rate, or a rate relative to the service, resource and value on offer. Don’t make unreasonable ‘creatively stifling’ demands on your agency partner.

Prior to the rise of content-analysis by search engines in the mid-1990s (most notably Google), search engines were reliant on meta data to correctly classify a Web page and webmasters quickly learned the commercial significance of having the right meta element.

"Congratulations to Diane, Jaime and Rob for organizing and executing a successful workshop on Task-Based Search on the UNC campus March 14-15," said Dr.