States not mandating e verify

27-Nov-2016 23:45

In order for job applicants to be able to work in the United States, they must go through select requirements to prove citizenship or eligibility to work in the country. E-Verify was created to allow employers to run potential employees through a federal internet database to determine their workforce eligibility.

E-Verify provides employers fast and free information on United States citizens and foreign citizens who have valid documentation to work in this country.

"More impressively, 12 of the 15 states that passed new measures experienced a drop in unemployment larger than the national average.

Furthermore, states that made E-Verify mandatory for all employers, public and private, experienced the most pronounced decrease in their unemployment rates," it added.

It’s true that employers do not have to pay a direct fee for using E-Verify, but all Americans pay taxes to support it and employers pay for it by having to comply with its rules.

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Colorado - Mandatory E-Verify for government contractors only. Connecticut - Florida - Mandatory E-Verify for government employers and contractors.

In the more than a dozen states that have added or expanded on the E-Verify program since 2008 have seen an economic revival based in part on lower unemployment, and virtually all have experienced a drop in unemployment better than the national average, according the report from Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR.

"All states that enacted or expanded E-Verify after 2008, save one, saw their unemployment rates drop, even when the national rate increased," said the report.

The below is a list of E-Verify employer responsibilities, broken down by state. To receive automatic updates, you may subscribe to this blog using the options above.

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Alabama - Mandatory E-Verify for all employers, public and private. Arizona - Mandatory E-Verify for all employers, public and private.Arizona, long considered ground zero in the fight against undocumented immigration, was the first state to mandate that all employers use E-Verify beginning in 2008.

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